Reflecting on £eith Chooses 2022

What’s going on at £eith Chooses HQ these days?

We would like to know what everyone thinks about the recent £eith Chooses event, and any ideas for next year’s theme and event. Please will you contribute your thoughts via this very short and straightforward survey open until 13th April.

We do listen very carefully!

Otherwise – those groups that successfully won funding are seeing the cash dropping into their bank accounts . For many, the process is complete. For a few, there may still be ‘paperwork’ issues but this should all be sorted by the end of March (end of financial year), so please make sure you’ve answered any outstanding emails.

Onwards and upwards, Leith!

What do YOU think?

Please will you take a few minutes to fill in this short survey about the £eith Chooses experience, 2021?

The £eith Chooses Steering Group is keen to collect feedback from everybody in the community after each participatory budgeting event, We want to hear your views. The survey will run until the end of March.




£eith Chooses Feedback Night 9th March 6pm

You are warmly invited to attend a £eith Chooses ‘Feedback Night’ meeting, online, on Tuesday 9th March at 6pm.

The £eith Chooses Steering Group always looks for feedback from the community, after each participatory budgeting event. You will be getting a wee survey, shortly, which we hope that you will fill in. We’d also like to have/provide the opportunity for open discussion.

Each year, we have found that although not many people make it along to the Feedback night, those that do come always provide a tremendously valuable input. As this year has been so different, we would especially like to hear from you about what you feel went well – and what didn’t – at £eith Chooses 2021.

Sadly, we can’t provide cups of tea or Tunnocks tea cakes this year, but we look forward to an informal discussion and we WILL absolutely listen to and do what we can to take account of your views. Do join us!

To join, please register in advance for a free ticket/place via Eventbrite here

The meeting will be via the Microsoft Teams platform. Get Teams software here:

We’ll open the meeting at 5:45pm so there’s time to get connected. The actual meeting will start at 6pm.

£eith Chooses – Leith Neighbourhood Partnership report

Following distribution of £44,000 (City of Edinburgh Council, Community Grants Fund) to community projects through participatory budgeting, via the £eith Chooses process, the Leith Neighbourhood Partnership made the following report (14 June 2018).

Read the report here: Leith Neighbourhood Partnership Report June 2018

Report to Scottish Government: Community Choices

Leith Links Community Council received a large grant, in 2017, from Scottish Government Community Choices, for distribution to community projects via participatory budgeting (local people voting for local projects). This was carried out, as part of the £eith Chooses process, as detailed across this website. Leith Links Community Council was then required to submit a brief report to Scottish Government Community Choices, with an evaluative outline of the participatory budgeting process that took place. You can read that report here: LLCC / Community Choices report to SG

£eith Chooses Evaluation & Reporting

We have been carrying out a series of evaluation exercises:

  • survey of all project applicants (closed 20 May)
  • survey open to the whole community (closed 20 May)
  • open face to face discussion session (15 May)

We have also received feedback by email, and will  be meeting for private feedback discussions with project groups over the next week or so.

Thank you very much to all those who took the trouble to give their time and thought to responding; all of the feedback is interesting and useful.

If you have any further feedback that you wish the £eith Chooses organisers to be aware of, please send it in NOW / asap, or it will be too late to be included in the reports and recommendations.

The next phase of the project is to analyse all the feedback and write up reports (to Scottish Government and to City of Edinburgh Council), with recommendations for the future. These reports should be available by June, at the Leith Neighbourhood Partnership meeting, and online.                      Watch this space!

Evaluation and Feedback: What are YOUR views?

We are now at the stage of trying to get feedback about the 2018 £eith Chooses event. We want to know what everyone thinks (positive and negative!) and to get ideas about how £eith Chooses can be improved.

Two ‘Survey Monkey’ evaluation questionnaires are now in circulation, to collect views. One was emailed to project applicants and the other is for  – well, ‘everybody’  – supporters, voters and the general community.You!

Please take a few minutes to fill in this short survey, via this link  

Also – a face to face feedback discussion session, perhaps primarily for applicants but open to all, will be held on Tuesday 15th May (18:30  – 20:30 in the Leith Community Centre Cafe area), to facilitate interaction between participants, identify issues, share suggestions for improvement, and generate new ideas. We really want to know what you think and how £eith Chooses can be improved! (Please let us know if you want to come along – we’d like to know numbers roughly as a finger buffet will be provided.)

We also welcome any feedback you wish to provide by email, directly, to