We aim to make this whole process as barrier free as possible, but there are inevitably some ‘Rules’ for applicants. Please make contact to discuss any queries that arise.

Projects that can be funded:

  • Your project will benefit the community / people of Leith.
  • Groups can only make one application in total.
  • Your project will be a new project or a significant new element  – not just ‘continuation’ of long-standing activities.
  • Your project will be completed within one year (by 31 March 2019)
  • Your project will fit within one or more of the agreed Themes – these are open to wide and creative interpretation, however!
  • You will attend the Voting Event on 3rd March 2018.
  • If needed, you must show evidence that you have appropriate permission, insurance, Disclosure Scotland checks etc.
  • If your project costs more than the amount you are applying for, you need to show you have the rest of the money and can complete the project.

Projects that won’t be funded include:

  • Political, lobbying or religious activity  – though applications can be accepted from faith or political groups for doing local community work.
  • Routine property maintenance or repairs, or ongoing running costs.
  • Servicing of debt or monies already spent.
  • Contributions towards a much larger fund raising appeal, e.g. for a new building.
  • Applications from publicly funded bodies e.g. schools, NHS, Police. However community partnership projects may be considered.