Awards 2018-2019

The following projects successfully won a funding award in £eith Chooses 2019, having received the highest number of votes from members of the Leith community:

FOOD Projects £12,000 The sum awarded is what the project group applied for
– Hermitage Park Primary School £3,400
– YMCA £5,000
– Broughton Primary PC & Partners (partial funding) tbc

SUPPORTING VULNERABLE PEOPLE Projects £32,000 The sum awarded is what the project group applied for
– Sikh Sanjog £3,000
– Dr. Bells Family Centre £4,400
– Creative Electric £5,000
– Multicultural Family Base £5,000
– Socks for the Street £4,000
– Pilmeny Development Project £5,000
– Citadel Youth Centre £4,960
– The Junction (partial funding) tbc

These awards add up to a total of £44,624 that will go to the community in Leith in many and varied ways, through the energy, work and commitment of all the great project teams listed above.

Sadly, projects and groups whose names do not appear above did not win funding on this occasion. This is not a reflection on the quality of their projects, which were all excellent, but of the sad fact that there is never enough money to go round….  The £eith Chooses team feels just as distressed about this as the project groups must be.

Any project applicants who wish private feedback on their application, or on the exact number of votes received, and where their vote totals rank alongside those of other projects, are most welcome to email in for this information, or to request a private discussion. Email:

There will be an open Discussion session next Tuesday, 12 March at 6:30pm in the Community Centre cafe, to review and evaluate all aspects of the 2019 £eith Chooses process. All welcome, and all views and contributions will be listened to and taken on board for future events. Do come!