Feedback please? Tuesday 5 March, 6:30, online

Now that the voting results are in and the grants have been awarded to 13 local community groups, the next stages of £eith Chooses are:

1. Feedback – this is for everybody – successful and unsuccessful applicants, voters, volunteer helpers, and any/all Leithers. Please join the £eith Chooses team online for a ‘Feedback Forum’ on Tuesday 5th March at 6:30pm. This is a chance to air your views about any aspect of the £eith Chooses process, to ask questions and get answers, and to make suggestions about how the process could perhaps be improved infuture. Please do join the discussion. A Teams link will be posted shortly.
2. Paperwork – the groups awarded funding need to fill in the required paperwork, and the Council staff on the £eith Chooses team need to progress that paperwork through the Community Empowerment & Engagement Dept.and on to Finance, for payment. The sooner your completed paperwork goes in, the sooner you will get the money.