Help with voting

We want as many voters as possible to cast their votes, and we’ll help you if we can.

Do you need help with getting to the Voting Day event?

!If you have a problem getting to the Community Centre to vote, please get in touch and tell somebody, as soon as possible, so that arrangements can be made to get you there.

If you are part of a group or a project team, let the group know and they may be able to help you with transport.
Otherwise, please email: or phone Caroline Lamond on 0131 469 3507.
Funds may be available to help cover transport for people with disabilities or other serious barriers.

If you can get to the Voting Day event but have difficulty with Registration and/or the actual voting process…

Try to come early (from 11 am) before the crowds arrive. Whenever you arrive,ask to join the ‘Fast Track’ Process. You will not have to queue, will be offered a seat and/or a quiet space, and will be given help with voting, as required.  Look or ask for a volunteer with a HELP jacket on. That person will be your helper in whatever way you need, eg. getting you registered, explaining projects, helping you to vote.

If you have young children

Bring them along. – but book them in, in advance to the free creche, so you can hang out with friends and concentrate on the projects, for a while.

To book creche, phone Caroline Lamond on 0131 469 3507 or email: