Themes 2018-2019: Addressing Inequalities

The over-arching title of this year’s £eith Chooses is:

Addressing Poverty and Inequalities

Within this, there are two themes, chosen to reflect the most basic and acute needs in our community.

  1. FOOD – e.g. preventing or mitigating hunger; growing, cooking, sharing, educating / learning about food; providing or distributing food to people suffering from food inequality; education and/or support of people affected by alcohol issues.
  2. SUPPORTING VULNERABLE PEOPLE  – e.g. children, older people, disabled people, homeless people, vulnerable families / single parents, refugees, domestic abuse victims, isolated minorities etc.

To be eligible, your project will need to fall within one or other of these themes. (In practice a project may cover both, but you will have to chose one, when applying, as this will determine which room you are allocated to, on Voting Day).