Voting 2018-2019

Am I eligible to vote?

If you are 8 years old or over, and you live, work, study or volunteer in Leith, you can vote.

How Do I Vote?

You can vote by coming to the Voting Day Event on 23rd February 2019, in the Leith Community Centre, New Kirkgate, Leith, between 12 and 3 pm. You will be asked to provide your name, address and postcode and these will be checked against the map below. (Anything within the black line is defined as ‘Leith’ for this event.)

Click the map to see the full-size PDF in a new window.

You will then be given a wristband that shows you are a ‘Voter’, and you will go into the halls to learn about the proposed projects. Stay as long as you like, to chat to project groups, enjoy the free food etc.

You get three votes in each hall – 2 ordinary votes and one ‘boost’ vote, for a project that is making special efforts to involve minority ethnic communities.  You vote by ‘posting’ voting cards for your chosen favourite projects into the ballot box in each room. There will be people at the ballot box to keep you right if you are confused.

Your hand is then stamped to show that you have voted. You may only vote once in each room (up to three votes in each room).

Can I get help?

Yes, if you ask a helper (in red tee shirt). They will explain the process and give any extra assistance you need. If necessary, they will do your voting for you, if you tell them which projects you want to support.

What about Online Voting?

There is no online voting this year, nor library or postal votes. You must come to the Voting Day event, in order to vote.

Kids Vote

Children under 8 can be disappointed because they don’t get to register and vote. This year, they will get special wristbands and they will get a special vote.They will cast one vote in each room for  the ‘best stall’ . Votes will be counted on the day and prizes awarded to the winning stalls, on the basis of their votes.