Medium and Large Grants

Medium Grants will be from £501  – £5,000
Large Grants will be from £5001  – £10,000 

Applicants to both funds have to be constituted groups with a bank account, see Guidance Notes and Application forms for full details

To qualify, your project idea needs to fit at least one (if not more) of the priority themes. Your application should make clear which theme(s) you are applying under, and in what ways your project will fulfil the spirit of that theme.

You should bear in mind that getting your application accepted is the easy bit.
The really key bit is to get lots of people to vote for your project! You should think, as you design your project and application, about how that can be achieved. Here are a few thoughts on that:

  • A project that is just ‘more of the same’ (stuff that your organisation always does anyway) may not appeal to voters as much as something a bit new and imaginative.
  • A project that involves or impacts people / the community in Leith (not just bringing benefit inside your own organisation) may attract more voters.
  •  A project with a title and project summary that makes clear who benefits, will be easier to understand and may attract more voters.
  • While buying some equipment or materials may be a necessary part of a project, try to design an application that highlights who will use these, and what they will lead to, and who will benefit, rather than making the whole project just about ‘getting equipment’.
  • An organisation and project that is ‘transparent’ may attract more voters – in other words, if you ‘advertise’ your application (e.g. using social media), explain why it’s needed, and how it will work, you will raise awareness and gain ‘fans’.