What is £eith Chooses up to now?

The past month has been a busy one for paperwork and finances as the community groups that won funding in the recent £eith Chooses voting liaise with the Council staff arranging payment of the funds so that these arrive into their bank account before the end of the financial year. Hopefully all done now!


So what happens next?

  1. The groups that won funding will shortly get started on their new projects, hurrah!
  2. £eith Chooses Steering Group and Council staff partners meanwhile take a step back and check that the groups that were funded LAST YEAR have complied with regulations and have submitted a report on the completion of the project they were funded to deliver by 31 March 2024. We do not require long complicated reports but do require evidence of spending and basic info about what took place, how it all went, who benefitted etc. We do like to see photos, too! This is a really important step, because if a group does not submit a report on a past project, they are not eligible to apply again in future for funding for another project.
  3. £eith Chooses web site and social media will be used to publicly share some of this information as feedback, so that Leithers can all see what happened following their vote back in 2023, and what benefits were brought to the community in Leith. This is a good way to remind everyone about the great work that so many charities and local groups are carrying out al the time on behalf of the community in Leith.
  4. The £eith Chooses Steering Group carries out a review and evaluation of the recent £eith Chooses event, with the aim of maintaining standards and ideally improving the process for future years. If anyone wants to share their views on how things could be improved, please submit by email to: leithchooses@edinburgh.gov.uk
  5. The £eith Chooses Steering Group considers what ‘theme’ next year’s £eith Chooses might focus on. Any ideas? Email to: leithchooses@edinburgh.gov.uk