Voting FAQs

A few wee questions have come in, since voting opened, and we are answering them here…

Q. I normally work / study / volunteer regularly  in Leith – and will be going back to doing so – but because of the pandemic I’ve been stuck at home recently (and I don’t live in Leith). Can I still vote?

A. Yes you can. You’ll need the post code and street name of the place where you work/ study/ volunteer, in order to register. Thanks for caring about Leith. Hopefully we’ll see you back in Leith soon.


Q. I know who I want to vote for. Can I go straight to the voting site without passing via the £ site?

A. Yes, you can. The voting site is


Q. I want to cast four votes all for projects in the main list,  not three and then one from the smaller boost vote list,  but the site won’t let me.

A. No, that’s not possible. You can vote for three projects from the main list. Your fourth vote is optional. You can choose to use it or not use it. But if you choose to use it (we hope you will!) it can only be used as a ‘boost vote’ for a project on the smaller list (ethnic minorities projects).