£eith Chooses 2021-2022

£eith Chooses rides again!Application forms and Guidance Notes are being updated, and will be available in September. Grants of up to £5,000 will be available, subject to community votes.

The theme for £eith Chooses 2021-2022 (below) is based on the priorities of the Locality Improvement Plan’ (‘addressing inequality’), and on the hope of directing funds towards the most vulnerable in our community. We are hoping that this theme is open enough to include a wide range of possible projects and will not create barriers for community groups and charities, who already have more than enough to contend with these days.

Reconnecting in Leith:
Nourishment, Creativity, Sustainability

Do you like this theme, and think your group can work within it, and put forward a project plan that would benefit your community? Or are you unhappy with this theme?, We’d like feedback – and as quickly as possible, please.  Please use the Comments box below. We are open to having another online community meeting if people want to discuss different proposals.

In the light of ongoing Covid concerns, we have reluctantly had to take the decision to again have voting online only, for the next round of £eith Chooses, which will be around January 2022.

Awards 2020-2021

The following groups / projects received the largest number of votes from the Leith community, and will receive funding through £eith Chooses 2021, for projects
that challenge food poverty in Leith and/or that reduce isolation /help people get / stay connected, in Leith.
The total amount allocated is £51,102.
The figure below, per group, is the amount the group applied for

Empty Kitchens, Full Hearts –               £5,000

Sikh Sanjog’s Punjabi Junction –          £4,330

Edinburgh NE Foodbank –                    £5,000

Multi-Cultural Family Base  –                 £4,510

Edinburgh Community Food
& MILAN ‘Leith Bowl Blethers’ –            £4,400

Building Bridges –                                  £2,180

Edinburgh Remakery –                          £4,620

Edinburgh and Lothian Regional
Equality Council (ELREC) –                   £5,000

Projekt 42 –                                            £4,700

Citadel Youth Centre –                           £5,000

Dr Bell’s Family Centre –                       £3,630

PIE Scotland – (£5,000) –                      £2,732 (partial funding)

Many Congratulations! These projects will benefit the Leith community in many different ways, through the energy, work and commitment of the great project teams listed above.

Sadly, because of the limited funding available and the nature of participatory budgeting, not every applicant can be successful. The groups and projects whose names do not appear above did not win funding on this occasion.This is no reflection on the quality of their projects, which were all excellent. The £eith Chooses team is always finds this distressing, just as the project groups must do. Thank you for participating, don’t give up, you could be lucky another time.

Any project applicants who wish private feedback on their application, eg. number of votes received, and how their vote total compared with that of other projects etc. are most welcome to email in for this information to Caroline.Lamond@edinburgh.gov.uk

Feedback and Evaluation

A short survey will be circulated in the next week or two to allow everybody to feed back any observations they may have about the £eith Chooses 2021 process. Please do respond!

There will also be an open ‘Feedback’ discussion session online on Tuesday 9 March, at 6pm, to review and discuss in more depth all/any aspects of the 2021 £eith Chooses process. All welcome, and all views and contributions will be listened to and taken on board for future events. Do join!

Results Night! 16th February

The £eith Chooses 2021 results will be announced at an online meeting on Tuesday 16 February 2021 at 6pm.  Do join us to be first to hear the news!

Please register for the meeting via Eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/eithchooses-2021-results-tickets-140519556777. Then we will send a meeting link.

If you can’t make it, don’t worry, the results will be posted on this website immediately following that meeting – around 7 pm on Tuesday16th February,

The ‘venue’ for the meeting will be Microsoft Teams. We recommend use of the ​Teams desktop app (available from Microsoft’s website). Teams can be run in a web-browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc), but we don’t recommend this.

We also suggest downloading and installing Teams before the meeting. This guide may be helpful for both desktop app and browser: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/office/join-a-teams-meeting-078e9868-f1aa-4414-8bb9-ee88e9236ee4.

Please try to join the meeting before 6pm, so we are all connected for the start. We will open the meeting about 5:45.

If you have any problems joining on the night, please email Bruce Ryan at bruceleithchooses@icloud.com

Hope you can attend – the £eith Chooses steering group really looks forward to seeing you there.

Who can vote?

Am I allowed to vote in £eith Chooses?

  • Yes, if you  live, or work, or study (go to school or college), or volunteer regularly in Leith
  • And if you are 8 years old or over.

When you go to the voting site, you will be asked for your email address and your postcode, so have these ready.

If you live in Leith you should know your postcode, but if you work or study or volunteer in Leith you may need to check in advance and note the postcode of the building where you go for this.

What counts as Leith?

Anything within the black line on this map.

Gallery of exciting projects coming soon!

Applications to £eith Chooses 2020/21 are now closed – thank you to all who submitted. We are currently validating the applications. Once this process is complete, soon after Christmas, you will be able to see a ‘gallery’ on this website of all the projects that are seeking funding, and you can start thinking about who you want to vote for (you can only vote once, but you get 4 votes).

If you are an applicant, it is your job to alert all your members and followers to your application, and make sure they know how, and when, to vote for your project.

Voting week will open on 25th January 2021 – we will give you plenty of reminders and information about how to vote.


£eith Chooses – the timeline

Your community project might be able to ‘win’ a grant of up to £5,000  from £eith Chooses 2021. Go for it! Apply now! Pass the word around!

Apply – as soon as possible! Download an Application Form now.

Help – To discuss your application and get advice and support, email caroline.lamond@edinburgh.gov.uk.

Applications close – 11th December 2020.

Projects showcased online – December 2020- January 2021.

Voting (online only)  – between 25th and 31 January 2021.

Awards – announced early February 2021, and money into your bank account after that, as soon as the paperwork is through.

If you need further information / advice, email caroline.lamond@edinburgh.gov.uk


Apply for up to £5,000

Applications are being accepted NOW for £eith Chooses 2021.

Check out the details, download a form nowSend it in by 11th December 2020.

If you need further information / advice, email caroline.lamond@edinburgh.gov.uk