Grant Pot 2022-2023

What grants are available?

There is one single ‘grant pot’, which currently stands at £49,102 altogether. This money comes from the City of Edinburgh Council ‘Community Grants’ fund (£46,102) and from a generous donation from Port of Leith Housing Association (£3,000)

Groups can only put forward one project bid in total, for any amount up to a maximum of £5,000.

So at least 9 projects can be funded, from this pot, with partial funding for a further project. Perhaps more projects than that will get an award, as not all groups apply for the full £5,000 grant. (Groups are encouraged to apply for just what they need for their project.. Smaller projects can be very effective, and popular.)

We continue actively to seek supplementary funding to add to this pot, so that even more projects can be winners.