£eith Chooses Votes are in

Voting has closed on £eith Chooses 2022 and the votes are being counted and checked as we speak. Many thanks to all who participated.

The results will be announced on Tuesday15th February 2022, at 6:30pm online, via a Teams meeting. We will learn then which of the projects applying for funding were successful, on the basis of the number of votes they received.

This is a public meeting, open to all. Invitations have gone out by email to all the groups that applied for funding, but if you have not yet received a personal invitation by email and would like to attend, please request the link from caroline.lamond@edinbugh.gov.uk

Following that meeting, of course, the results will be posted here and shared via social media.

Applicants who have been awarded funding will receive an email from the Council with instructions about how to claim the funds.

Applicants who have not been awarded funding this time round will be urged not to feel too despondent and not to give up. Sometimes ‘appearing ‘ as part of £eith Chooses is a useful step to getting your group better known in the community and therefore likely to attract more support in the future. We will also provide links to any other sources of possible funding that we come across, to try and help groups with fund-raising.