£eith Chooses Steering Group, anyone?

We would like to invite new people to join the £eith Chooses Steering Group, whether for a longer or a shorter period, to bring new ideas and new energies to the process and to try to ensure that different aspects of the local community are as well represented as possible. Could this be you?

The Steering Group runs the annual £eith Chooses event, which facilitates the distribution of community grant funding locally, via a voting process that tries to involve as many Leith community members as possible in learning about local charities and community groups and their work, and voting for their favourite causes. Local democracy in action!

The Steering Group is chaired by elected Leith Walk Councillor Susan Rae and is made up of volunteers from local Community Councils, and from the community in general, and a member of Council staff. There has been a small but solid ‘core’ of experienced members for a few years, and a number of others who have come for a shorter time and given invaluable help, but have not stayed long term. You would be eligible to join if you are – just like for the voting – someone who lives, works, volunteers, or studies in Leith. We are looking for ‘working members’  – that is, people who have time to attend meetings fairly regularly and contribute actively (this is not just a token title for your CV).  If  you work for a group that might be applying to £eith Chooses for funds, you can still be part of the Steering Group (but might have to to step out of certain processes, briefly, where there could be a conflict of interest). You could ask to attend a couple of meetings as an ‘observer’ if you’d like to learn more about how it all operates.

Please get in touch if you are interested. Email: secretary@leithlinkscc.org.uk