Get help with planning your application for £eith Chooses 2023/24

Time is passing – applications to £eith Chooses close on 10 October, only a month away…

Please come to a short session on Wednesday 20th September, at Norton Park Conference Centre, to get your £eith Chooses application into gear. The £eith Chooses team will be there to help you.

Please say whether you wish to attend 3-5pm session or 5:30-7:30pm, and sign up by emailing Jade Mooney at

We will go through the application form to make sure everything is clear, point out frequently made mistakes, and have plenty of time to answer questions, discuss any points raised, and arrange further support etc. as required. Tea, coffee, biscuits etc. will be available.

Many thanks to Norton Park for hosting.


£eith Chooses Support Session for Applicants: 20 September

If you are planning to apply to £eith Chooses this year, you are invited to attend a support session on Wednesday 20th September, at Norton Park Conference Centre.

We will go through the application form to make sure everythig is clear, point out frequently made mistakes, and have plenty of time to answer qustions, arrange further support etc. as required.

Please register and sign up by emailing Jade Mooney at and please say whether you wish to attend 3-5pm or 5:30-7:30pm
Places are a bit limited (we are in a board room, not the main hall) so please book early, and please let us know if you have to cancel. Many thanks to Norton Park for hosting.


Open for applications – Support Session 20th September

Have you started to think about your project application to £eith Chooses, yet? If you would like information and/or support with your application, there are various options.

Any or all of the following are available to you:

  1. Come to a group Support Session on Wednesday 20th September, with the £eith Chooses Team. The lovely folk at Norton Park have generously offered free use of their facilities. There will be two sessions; one from 3pm – 5pm and another from 5:30pm – 7:30pm. SAVE THE DATE! Let us know which session you’d like to attend and we will keep you a place.
  2. Email in and ask for the information you need and/or the kind of support that suits you best –
    – We can offer someone to visit you at your place of work or any place and time of your choosing to talk through your plans, privately.
    – You can ask for a  ‘mentor’. We can offer you a named person from the £eith Chooses Steering Group who will be your contact  link on an ongoing basis and can be available for regular consultations.

Getting started earlier rather than later is the best way to get the most out of  these support options

To follow up on all or any of these options, please email Jade Mooney at

Meanwhile, download the 2023-2024 Application Form and Guidance Notes here:

Format Application Form Guidance Notes
DOCX Application form (DOCX format) Guidance notes (DOCX format)
DOC Application form (DOC format) Guidance notes (DOC format)
PDF Application form (PDF format) Guidance notes (PDF format)

PEOPLE MAKE LEITH £eith Chooses 2023/2024 opens today!

£eith Chooses 2023/2024 is now open for applications! There is £52,000 available for projects of up to £5,000 each.

The theme for £eith Chooses 2023/2024 is – yes, we know Glasgow thought of it first-

How to apply

  • Reflect on the 2023-2024 Theme: People Make Leith
  • Think about what kind of project your organisation would like to offer to the community, within this theme
  • Download and read the 2023-2024 Application Form and Guidance Notes
    • These are available below in DOCX format (for modern word-processors), DOC format (for older word-processors) and PDF (Adobe Acrobat, Apple Preview etc) formats.
  • Formulate your community project and calculate budget 
  • Consult partners, if appropriate. Remember that two or more groups may form a partnership, to best deliver a project that meets the theme.
  • Seek support with your application from the £eithChooses team, if you want
  • Write and submit application

2023-2024 Application Form and Guidance Notes

format Application Form Guidance Notes
DOCX Application form (DOCX format) Guidance notes (DOCX format)
DOC Application form (DOC format) Guidance notes (DOC format)
PDF Application form (PDF format) Guidance notes (PDF format)


  • Applications open – 16 August 2023
  • Support available – sign up for Q & A sessions (September dates to be announced very soon) and / or email in to ask for information or for further personalised support
  • Applications close – 10 October 2023 (any extensions will be announced at the time)
  • Project Gallery available to view online – from 4 January 2024
  • Voting – online 22 January to 4 February 2023, plus an in-person voting day (29 January)
  • Results Announced – early February 2024
  • Funds Disbursed  – on or before 1 April 2024

Contact can be made via:

Get Ready for £eith Chooses…..

Enjoy the summer everyone! Here’s the latest news from £eith Chooses –

Theme for your project

The theme for £eith Chooses for 2023/2024 is – with a nod of acknowledgment to Glasgow who thought of it first –

This is pretty open, so please get creative and start thinking of a project you might do.
When £eith Decides first started back in 2010, for the first few years the applications seemed to be mostly about buying ‘stuff’ (equipment). We are happy that since then, successful projects have become those that focus more on people, social interaction, creativity and inclusive activities, rather than just on ‘stuff’….

Applications are opening earlier, and you have more time

£eith Chooses will be open for applications early this year – from Wednesday 16th August (that’s when the new school years starts, too). You will have the full school term to prepare and submit your application (until Tuesday 10th October). But please make good use of this extra time, and don’t leave everything until the last minute…!

Get Support

At our ‘community conversation’ day in May, many groups expressed a wish for more support, in putting together their application. We’ll be working hard to make sure that can be provided, in various formats. More details on that coming soon. Again – get in touch early, to make the most of support opportunities. Contact can be made via:

Application forms and Guidance Notes will be available soon, from this site.

A Community Conversation – come and join!

3rd May – hold the date! The £eith Chooses team invites you to a Leith community ‘away day’ event (free lunch and refreshments).
This one day event will be a chance to network with other local charities and community groups, and to talk about common goals or potential collaborations for £eithChooses or other grant opportunities. Organisations that have applied to £eith Chooses in the past, or that may consider a future application, are invited, as are groups/individuals interested in integrating into, volunteering and supporting the Leith community.

When: Wednesday, May 3 (10am-4pm)
Where: Norton Park Conference Centre

This is not a drop-in day. Please follow the link below to register for the event:

We hope to have a relaxed and sociable ‘get together’ that may in some part help to replace the much-missed £eithChooses Voting day event, cancelled in recent years due to Covid.

It will also be an opportunity for the £eithChooses steering group and Edinburgh Council to hear from you about whether/how £eithChooses is working for you. We’d love to get feedback on this year’s vote. Your experience and knowledge of the needs of Leith can also feed into next year’s voting themes.

The day is supported by funding from


Voting results and analysis 2022-2023

There is a short breakdown of the 2022-2023 voting process, voter numbers and some basic interpretation of voting patterns on this Overview page

Find the list of projects that won funding, based on the number of votes received.

£eith Chooses 2022-2023 Results

In all, 20 projects applied to £eith Chooses this year, and the total amount of money requested amounted to £86,802. But of course, as there was only £54,102 available, sadly not every group that applies could be successful in winning funding. Based on the number of votes received from members of the Leith community, 12 projects will receive full funding. Congratulations to all!

Sadly, there are 8 groups that were not successful this year. If your name isn’t on this list below, it means your group has not been succesful in winning funding on this occasion. Commiserations – this is very disappointing, but please don’t be too discouraged;  your participation is really valued, and hopefully that your time will come sometime soon.

This year, £eith Chooses will fund the following 12 community groups in Leith:

Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain (AUGB)
Edinburgh Community Food, and Leith Walk Police Box
Edinburgh NE Foodbank
Dr. Bells Family Centre
Sikh Sanjog
Central Leith After School Club (CLASP)
Edinburgh Tool Library
Hermitage Park School Association
Edinburgh Remakery
Himalayan Centre
YMCA Edinburgh

We will publish more details on this website later on.

Results Night, Wednesday 15th February at 6:30pm, online

The Results / Awards Night for £eith Chooses 2022-23 will be held online on Wednesday 15th February at 6:30pm. Please get the date and time in your diary!

We tried to arrange a live, face to face event, but fell foul of the mid-term holiday and Council ‘Recess’ period, so  – rather than further delay – we are going online again this time, via Teams.

If you have not yet received an invitation and link to the meeting, please email and request one, from:

This will not be a long meeting but will be the first publication of the list of those local community groups that have won community  funding this year, thanks to your votes. the list will also be published online, here, immediately following the meeting.